Sales Training Video Reviews / Testimonials

"I've attended many sales trainings throughout my career and this one hit it out of the park. Mark Anthony customized and made it relevant for my seasoned staff and those of us experienced and everyone left the program with several wins and action items. Thanks for a great program."

~ George

"I attended two day negotiating seminars by Mark Anthony. He gives you the skills you need to successfully negotiate in life, both in business and personal life. Highly recommend his course to anyone in any industry. Mark's a fantastic instructor for this course. I especially enjoyed his interactive style."

~ Kristen

"Mark was able to combine customer service with sales to perfectly fit the needs of our company. He actually took the time to visit our locations so that he could actually give examples that employees could actually relate to. Mark was very engaging through the entire training and his activities enhanced his message to the team."

~ Chris

"After working one-on-one with Mark, I was able to focus directly on my weaknesses and turn them into my strengths, which was great. My training was tailored directly to my industry, which allowed me to meet all my goals and objectives and the quality of my leads and referrals has risen dramatically along with my closing rates."

~ Amanda