College Scholarship Available To Students in All 50 States

Sales Training Scholarship Visitors to have been advancing their professional goals with highly interactive training. Training for Success has been helping business people attain their goals for over 25 years via a variety of educational programs. We believe the cornerstone of success is a good education. The foundation of a good education will allow people to learn, problem solve and open countless doors.

Sales Training and Development's Scholarship Eligibility

If you are looking to pursue a degree in business or teaching or have plans to own your own business we invite you to apply for our scholarship program. If you are a high school senior (or about to enter senior year), College Freshmen or Sophomore you are eligible to apply. Whether you live in New York, California, Hawaii or elsewhere throughout the country we encourage you to apply.

Each Year We Offer a $1000 Scholarship to Help a Student Pursue Their Education The $1000.00 scholarship is to assist with the high cost of college tuition. To be eligible for this year's award the application deadline is December 31st (applications that arrive after December 31st will be considered for the following year's scholarship). The scholarship will be awarded in the spring in order to be used for the fall semester (August/September).

Our scholarship Process is easy, Let us know:

  • 1. Where are you planning on going to school
  • 2. What is your desired major
  • 3. Share a bit about your business or teaching goals
  • 4. Why the scholarship help you reach your goals
  • 5. Why you feel you have earned it
  • Essay should not exceed 500 words

Application for Sales Training and Development's Scholarship

Why You Should Let Us Train Your Team

Interactive and Specific Exercises

Role playing exercises reinforce the material and shape each sales training technique to fit your representatives individual selling style

Unique Follow-up Program Holds Your Team Accountable

Your benefits don't end when the training is over. We follow up all our programs to see how the strategies you learned have helped your business get more sales.

Group sales training programs

Our 1, 2, and 3 Day Seminars

  • Friendly rapport building techniques
  • 11 ways to gain your prospect's attention
  • Goal setting and visualization exercises
  • Increase the number of cold calls
  • Make sales reps better listeners
  • Techniques to handle any objection