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We offer a variety of interactive workshops customized to your industry and our sales, customer service and telemarketing training techniques include proven sales coaching methods and seminars with common sense strategies that define training for success.

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Sales Training: How to set sales goals

If you're like most of us, you probably find the start of a new year ...

Isolating Objections: Uncover the true answer

Very often when a customer objects, whatever he or she says is actually a white lie. ...

Psychology of selling: Keys to sales success in down economy

A well-planned script is one of the telemarketer's most powerful tools. Enthusiasm combined ...

Ten Ways to improve Telemarketing

Ask "am I catching you at a bad time?" ...

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“Using your sales techniques, my staff has the highest new sales, second highest repeat sales and the lowest cancellation rate in the Tri-state area”

Chemlawn, Gary Zaccaro
Regional Sales Manager

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