Advertising & Media Sales Training Workshops and Coaching Customized to Your Media

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Our Training Goals

Training For Success sales training programs are designed for specific industries and tailored to meet your organization's specific goals, style and objectives.

Advertising & Media Sales Training Workshops and Coaching Customized to Your Media

For any media company to be successful, they need to have perfected the advertising sales presentation process. The media industry has changed greatly in the past 10 years. No matter if its newspaper, magazines, billboards, television, or the internet, there is one thing that defines a company's success: sales! You need to have an effective advertising sales team for your company to be successful.

Training for Success has over 30 years of advertising sales experience; and we have media sales experience in markets coast to coast. We have created customized, real world specific, training seminars for countless companies throughout the United States with great success. We have helped advertising sales reps sell newspaper ads, magazine ads, billboards, ads on other forms of print and online services.

Your customized advertising training seminars will offer you the tools needed to be successful in advertising and media sales:

  • Making your publication stand out
  • As a consumer I always think, "What makes this company stand out." With our ad workshops your team will be armed with the tools to make your publication stand out.

  • How to find quality prospects
  • To be successful in adverting and media sales you need to be able to find the right prospects to sell and in large quantities. This seminar will provide you with all the tools you need to point out who is worth selling. With proper planning and targeting every rep can have a rich pool of prospects.

  • Reaching the target audience
  • Just as important as knowing how to sell, is knowing how to define the key decision maker & how to reach them. Our advertising sales seminar will help you identify who and where the right audience is. This will keep your reps from wasting their time and your money trying to sell the wrong people!

  • Presenting the advantages you offer
  • We can't emphasize enough how important the actual message your conveying is. It is not only what you are saying, it is how you say it. Our advertising sales seminars will not only help you craft the right media sales presentation, but teach you how to get your prospects to admit you offer advantages over the competition.

We guarantee that your company and your sales team will be more successful than they have ever been with our specialized advertising sales training seminar


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Why You Should Lets Us Train Your Team

Interactive and Specific Exercises

Role playing exercises reinforce the material and shape each sales training technique to fit your representatives individual selling style

Unique Follow-up Program Holds Your Team Accountable

Your benefits don't end when the training is over. We follow up all our programs to see how the strategies you learned have helped your business get more sales.

Group sales training programs

Our 1, 2, and 3 Day Seminars

  • Friendly rapport building techniques
  • 11 ways to gain your prospect's attention
  • Goal setting and visualization exercises
  • Increase the number of cold calls
  • Make sales reps better listeners
  • Techniques to handle any objection