Effortless Referral Training Programs and Sales Workshops

Training and Development

Take advantage of this low cost, high leverage sales and marketing vehicle available. Referred customers are far more likely to become long term customers thus making referrals an unmatched marketing tool in terms of payoff and cost effectiveness. Calls us now and learn about how you can benefit from out expert referral training.

  • 21 different ways to generate quality referrals
  • How to ask for referrals properly
  • Eliminate the "I'll think about it" objection
  • How to effortlessly have each prospect give a minimum of 5 referrals
  • Eliminate your hidden beliefs which limit asking for referrals
  • Overcome 6 barriers that hinder prospects ability to give referral
  • 3 ways to continuously ask for referrals
  • 6 ways to trigger your prospect memory
  • 12 ways to have prospects continuously supply you with a steady flow of referrals
  • And Much More

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A Few Ways We Customize:

  • Interview Management
  • Interview some Staff
  • Interactive Learning exercises
  • Role Plays
  • Industry Specific Examples
  • Case Studies
  • Custom Workbooks
  • Custom Power Point
  • Post Seminar Follow-up