Customer Service Training Workshops & Coaching Customized to Your Business

custom on-site customer service training

We're A Tailor Made Fit for Your Business

Here at Training For Success we design a custom training program that is tailored to meet your organization's customer service needs.

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Intensive 1/2 Day Seminar

  • Friendly rapport building techniques to create long term customer service relationships
  • How to gain the customer's attention in seconds and make good first impression.
  • 4 sets of questions, which develop trust and uncover your customers specific needs.
  • The 1 essential technique to handle the objection of the most stubborn customer.
  • 8 steps to reveal the hidden reasons that keep a customer from "letting go" of issue.
  • 4 part technique to highlight how the customer benefits from your solution over those of the competition.
  • 7 solutions that leave the customer smiling.
  • Through role-playing and training exercises all these techniques become second nature.

Comprehensive Full Day Seminar

  • How to increase positive word of mouth no matter how heated the solution.
  • 4 steps to teach reps to discuss solutions and benefits rather than problems.
  • How to turn complaints into repeat customer opportunities.
  • 3 techniques that will make customer service reps better listeners.
  • Understand why customer complains and how to use that information.
  • Reading body language and the head meaning of spoken words.
  • 7 exercises to handle the most common objections and challenges that have reps reach 100% of their potential.

Here's What your organization will learn when you receive our excellent customer service training

  • Role playing exercises reinforce the material and shape each customer service technique to fit your representatives individual personality and style.
  • One-on-one customer service training consultations tailor the training to solutions that calm difficult customers quickly and satisfy customer needs.
  • Limited class size to ensure individual attention.
  • Real world customer service techniques for the marketplace.
Customer Service Training