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The advanced Sales breakthrough that transforms everything-from your presentation, to your instincts, and of course your close rate-is closer than you think. Learn what every sales superstar does intuitively. Connect with people on an entirely different level. Learn to read people, understand what they are thinking (but not admitting) and what is needed to make the deal happen!

Micro Expressions

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1. How the TOP 20% of closers can read the prospect's face rather than hear their words. Take the test below and see!

2. Why Top Closers score 50% while average closers only score 24%, and lower-end sellers score on average 5%

This is because they have learned to spot the 7 facial reflexes that are physiologically impossible to hide. Now you will see them too.

3. How you know what your prospect really feels your presentation continually hits the prospect's need

4. Avoid falling for the lies and hold your prospect accountable to discussing the real issues

5. Duplicate the "Born Sales Superstars" natural ability. Everything the "Natural Sales Person" does intuitively to connect with prospects can be learned

Patryk Will Teach You How Facial Recognition Works; sample of what you will learn:

TED Talk: How Body Language and Micro Expressions Predict Success - Patryk & Kasia Wezowski

Micro Expressions Predict Pioneers Festival by Center for Body Language

Presenters: Patryk Wezowski & Kasia Wezowski: The world's leading experts on Micro Expressions and facial recognition. Featured on CBS and Fox News to predict US Elections, voter opinions and the "truth" on what the candidates were really saying. They are the authors of "The Micro Expressions Book for Business" as well as consultants and corporate trainers to Fortune 500 corporations in Europe, Asia and the America's.


If you're hungry for a true edge, want every advantage and you won't settle for less then this workshop is for you.

You won't settle for less than the life you desire and deserve and the power to be everything that you can be. Yet, the world of sales isn't getting any easier or less challenging. In order to change our circumstances, the only solution is for us to get better with personal development.

You can't make the superstar sales breakthrough until you really know what's influencing and driving your prospect. Their beliefs, needs and emotional patterns are invisible to most reps, but are the keys to determining how to close them every day. The good news? Learning how to read those signals is actually easy! You can learn how to become a stronger, more resourceful and more powerful CLOSER than you ever thought possible by learning to read your prospect's "tells" and to spot the "untruths" they continually share during each meeting.

You can be a part of a one day workshop that can change everything. Gain the competitive edge. You have the will to win and the drive to overcome any objection. Whatever you call it, top closers find a way. Find yours now at Advanced Closing: How to read any prospect.

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