Sales Training Reviews

You are a goldmine of information about how to generate more and better prospects - and how to proceed once you've located them.

- Jann Jasper President of Jasper Productivity Solutions

By changing our telemarketing scripts and putting together the introductory special offer you recommended we have enjoyed a tremendous influx of orders, you have created a monster: her name is Pam! Evidently the time you spent training Pam on how to ask for the order over the phone has paid off in a big way. Since the day you trained her and put a plan of action in place, she has consistently goten orders from over 80% of the people who were calling for information.

- Randy Rosler President of IntroKnocks Corp.

When I was speaking to the publisher of the local Pennysaver, he was impressed with our rapid growth, saying, "You guys are dangerous." However, the best news is we can attribute well over $10,000 in restaurant advertising and two 1/2-page orders for entire year (Ramada and White Plains Hotels) to your guidance and expertise.

- Jim Van Lare Managing Editor of Register News Group

Your personal coaching really helped motivate me. Mark, my sales volume exceeded $1MM last year and I am on my way to achieving my goal of $1.4MM this year.

- Terry C. Iadarola Account Representative of Moore Response Marketing Services

But I guess the real nuts and bolts in taking a course is the bottom line results. I couldn't be more happy, your course allowed me to increase my sales by 25% in just three months and those are results you just cant ignore.

- Robert L. Pash, Northwestern Mutual Life Agent

I have run my own business for over 20 years and still find sales training a major factor in increasing sales. As we discussed printing jobs are typically believed to go to the lowest bidder. By continuously using many of the techniques taught in your seminar we have received many jobs because of our quality and service even though we were not the low bid. While many people in the industry are complaining about lost revenues I am happy to say that we are on the way to a record sales year.

- Robert Ryan President of Graphic Color

Your evaluations were some of the highest we have ever received - high praise coming from a room full of professional speakers, I felt you communicated a very important message that was needed by all - especially those of us who make their living giving presentations.

- David E. Wright President of International Speakers Network, Inc.

With your help, you gave us a plan that allowed us to concentrate on getting the big deals on a structured and continuous flow. In the first week we had a $20,000 profit. New light has been brought into the business and sabotaging patterns have been halted.

- L.D. President of Marketing Distributing Company

We changed our incentive plan due to new viewpoints that were developed through the Master Mind meetings. Sales revenues for the first quarter increased 50%, and the second quarter 18%. Management and staff now all have great focus and momentum is building.

- S.S. Retail Store Owner

The groups guidance on a few simple employment changes has allowed us to attract excellent people who work beautifully. One of our greatest headaches has been eliminated.

- J.A. President of a Contracting Company

We have developed a hiring process, which includes pre-tests, personality review, and specific questions. We made a system for quotations, ordering, scheduling, and project management, thus reducing the demands and burden on upper management. Consequently, this is freeing up executive time and allowing the company to grow tremendously.

- J.C. President of a Computer Networking Company

After only two meetings, we have added new wholesale clients, and started a special coupon discount program to generate more repeat business.

- E.L. Specialty Photo Lab Owner

In the past, we were too close to be able to see all of the problems and possible solutions. Clear solutions allow us to see what is needed to be done to grow.

- J.P. President of Contractor Supply Company