Customer Service Training for Home Improvement Firms

custom on-site customer service training

We're A Tailor Made Fit for Your Business

Here at Training For Success we design a custom training program that is tailored to meet your organization's customer service needs.

When it comes to satisfying a homeowner the quality of a company's customer service goes a long way. Having good customer service does many things for your company, whether you are a plumber, electrician or general contractor- customer service training yields great results. When you are in the trade industry, customer service is paramount to the livelihood of your company.

Great Customer Service Leads to Great Customer Reviews

Take a look at a successful plumbing, heating and/or air conditioning company and compare it to an unsuccessful one, you will see one constant: the successful company has good customer service skills while the unsuccessful one will be lacking in the customer service department.

We Will Help you Build a Solid Foundation of Customer Service

With our training seminar we will cover the important points of customer service; this is what separates the men from the boys:

  • Avoiding the six common errors when dealing with customers
  • "Welcoming Phrases" to set the stage for positive interaction with customers
  • How to gently gather information
  • Key principles for dealing with irate/difficult customers
  • Correctly using ASAP technique
  • Preventing cursing, miscommunication and presenting a polished image
  • Techniques to avoid making excuses to customers
  • How to better manage stress and emotions in the office and on job site
  • How to avoid "Five Forbidden Phrases" that offend customers
  • Plus many more!

We will motivate and teach effective techniques to help build a solid foundation of service that impacts the customer's perception of your organization. This in turn, leads to new business opportunities with customers and greater job satisfaction for the staff.

We guarantee that your company and your customer service reps will be more successful than they have ever been with our specialized customer service training course.

Through Our Customer Service Training Course Your Company Will Improve

Our customer service trade seminar will help the overall quality of your company's customer service and will have your customers:

  • Feeling more valued
  • Get your company more positive reviews (Yelp, Google, "word of mouth")
  • Feeling satisfied
  • Wanting to call back
Customer Service Training

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