Sales Training Tip: How to Double Your Prospect Pool by Arriving at Appointments Early

There are few sales reps that actually like cold-calling, and because of this, it's no surprise they rarely have time to fit it into their schedule.

With this in mind, we gave a sales rep the challenge to arrive at each of their appointments 15 minutes early. When they got to the location, or as they were approaching the location, they had to stop and observe two other businesses that would be appropriate for their services. This particular sales rep was a commercial realtor. He then had to walk into the office or establishment of one of the stores and ask the owner or manager for the opportunity to review their lease. He presented benefits of how his reviewing the lease would cost them nothing but could potentially save them thousands of dollars when it was time to either renew the lease or look for a new space.

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By doing this, each appointment had an additional sales opportunity associated to it, and he was able to get hot prospects. He also got referrals from the people that he met for other folks that were looking for a current real estate change. Lastly, he gathered the contact information and appropriate follow-up time to reconnect with these people if they didn't have a current need.

All of that was easily handled in ten minutes or less and accomplished by just arriving 15 minutes early and creating the willingness to knock on the door of the adjacent business. Once that habit was created he doubled his effectiveness a second time by now knocking on the door of a second business when he left his scheduled appointment.

This simple change in approach allowed him to effortlessly cold call and turn every scheduled appointment into two additional opportunities. This rep went on to become one of the most successful producers in a highly competitive real estate market

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