Make Every Minute Count! Time Management Tips While Traveling

As an executive, it is important to make every minute count. One way to do this is to maximize your time while traveling. Whether during a long flight, a layover, or even when preparing for the trip itself, it is possible to make your time work for you.

Here are a few ways to use your time productively when traveling.

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1) Prevent problems by planning ahead. Create a travel schedule with trip details including how long to and from airports and hotels, important contact information, and which flights have meals. Have a list of items to bring with you, chargers or batteries for example. Also, write down your goals and a plan of action for achieving them during your trip.

2) In the rare case the flight is not full, sit in a seat beside an unoccupied seat. Doing this will prevent the possibility of starting a conversation with the person sitting beside you and will allow you to stay focused on what you want to accomplish during the flight.

3) During a flight or layover, answer emails using a small laptop. In this way you will avoid the problem of returning with an Inbox filled with days-old unanswered emails. Complete additional tasks from the list of goals, such as doing expense reports or catching up on business reading.

4)Stay in contact with your home team. Make sure they know what should be accomplished during your absence.

By following just a few tips, imagine what you can accomplish by making the most of your travel time. Proper planning, staying connected, and taking advantage of the extra time you have will allow you to get more done. So when you return to the office, you can focus on tasks at hand rather than catching up on unfinished work.

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