Sales Training Tips: Ten Ways to improve Telemarketing

    Customer Service Training
  1. Ask "am I catching you at a bad time?"
  2. Delete the 'reading from a script' sound.
  3. Change tone and pace of voice so it is similar to that of the person you are talking to.
  4. Never argue with a customer even when you must defend your position.
  5. Ask questions, ask questions, ask questions.
  6. Listen to what the customer wants; give them what they want and need rather than being focused on what you have to sell.
  7. Have multiple offers available to best serve your customer.
  8. Remember you are not in the direct mail business. Don't be taken by the classic put-off, "send me something."
  9. Ask for referrals and ask, "What else can I help you with?" Each additional lead and sale is icing on the cake.
  10. Preplan the objective of each call; gather information, make an appointment, get the sale, etc.

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