Sales Training, Coaching & Seminars: The Keys to Closing the Sale

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Having a great sales talk is obviously a great thing, but getting the order is the big thing. There are two parts to closing: getting the prospect's decision, and securing their signature. Many salespeople think of closing as this great, big act, but it's really just one of the steps in the sales process. If all of the other parts of your sales talk have gone well, you have a justified expectation of an order – so as for it.

It shouldn't be too nerve-wracking, trying to close the sale. By the time you get to this point, you should have a good idea of whether or not they are going to buy. If you get a good sense of things, it's perfectly fine to trust your gut and ask to close. At this time in the sales talk, closing is just part of the protocol.

Some think that closing is the “big” step in the sales talk, but it's not. Saying so is akin to telling a football player it's time to catch the ball in the 4th quarter when they're down by 40 points. By that point, it's already too late. It doesn't matter if they score a touchdown because they'll still need to get many more to catch up. The same can be said for closing – if you have already missed the mark in the first steps, it's too late and you won't be able to close.

As a novice salesperson, one may think of closing as something only the best can handle. Of course, that's not true. Still, beginners want to know how they can close more effectively. One of the best keys to this is to not be too forceful. Rather than laying out stacks of facts to the prospect and then asking for the sale, use the whole sales talk to get agreements and affirmative answers. By doing so the prospect will feel that the natural answer to your asking for the sale is yes, since they've been in agreement with you the entire time already.

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Here's another key: there's no such thing as a “great closer”. Anyone who's good at closing is good at selling. Likewise, someone who says they have difficulty closing, really has difficulty selling. If you have made a good case for the sale in the beginning parts of the sales talk, closing should be simple. If you didn't, the way you attempt to close won't matter because you won't get it anyway.

So, if you're ready to close, and you've done a great job throughout the sales talk, what do you even say when you want the sale? There are many salespeople who go through the talk brilliantly and then leave without the order. The most reliable key to closing is to simply ask! Forget about any complicated strategies and just ask, if the sales talk has gone well up until that point. Don't expect the prospect to ask to buy, take it upon yourself to get the ball rolling.