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When asked why you purchased any given item over another, in most cases, you may give some arbitrary reasons. However, many times you may find that the real reason is that you preferred one salesperson to the rest. In some instances, salespeople may find that understanding their prospect gets them business even if they don't match up to the competition otherwise. This isn't to say your competition won't be a factor if you have a great personality, but it should be noted that it can be a very influential tool during the sales talk.

It's common for salespeople to believe that selling yourself is important. It would be crazy to think otherwise on such a simple rule. For all of the people who believe selling themselves is important, it would seem that most people would be able to do it well. However, many salespeople have the wrong idea of the term, as its title can be misleading.

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The best way to describe selling yourself is to think about it in terms of the product. When you need to sell your product, talk about the product. When you need to sell yourself, you shouldn't talk about yourself. Selling yourself means that people should enjoy your company, so understand why people may enjoy other people's company. The main reasons would be because someone has a good personality, and they know how to talk to people.

In order to sell yourself, you need to determine which qualities of yours you need to get rid of, and which qualities you desire that you may need to develop. Think about how you're going to go about learning and unlearning these qualities. When you can do so, you'll have a great idea of what it takes to use yourself to close sales.

What are the qualities you need to get rid of? There's no definitive answer, but many salespeople believe that people who are self-conscious, lack enthusiasm, and/or talk too much are some of the most undesirable qualities in salespeople. These traits and ones like it may be off-putting to prospects, no matter how great the product is. Once you have a list of some qualities you don't like about yourself, ask others to do the same. If you insist on it enough, they will, and you will learn a lot more about how others see you.

There are said to be ten traits of people who have a great sales personality. These ten traits are:

  • Confidence
  • Kindness
  • Happiness
  • Willingness to accept criticism
  • Common sense
  • Perseverance and cooperation
  • The ability to take initiative
  • Good memory
  • Flexibility
  • Honesty

Make your own list of qualities you would like to learn or improve and work on one every week, rotating through the list. Even if you feel you've mastered something, you will always have room to improve. Over time, you will teach yourself these desirable qualities.

Sales is hard work, and selling yourself is no different. It takes a lifetime of practice, and constant improvement. Self-improvement is the key to continued sales success.

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