How to Get the Most Out of Your Telemarketing Program

Telemarketing is still a very powerful and effective sales tool. Every business can benefit from a well-structured telemarketing process. To generate leads, sales, or enhance customer relations planning is essential. To get a positive R.O.I. on your telesales efforts it requires more than the right people, the right list, and the right “script” (or calling process). Scripting Note: our training process believes you need to teach the team to think rather than blindly follow a script – thus teaching them call & communication structure is far more important than lines on a page.

Telemarketing Training Programs

Creating Telemarketing Guidelines and Program Structure

By breaking the process down into bite size categories, as well as having a specific checklist of action items and pitfalls to avoid, you will have a framework to grow your business. Whether you have a small insurance agency with one person generating appointments over the phone or you have enough people dialing on behalf of your sales team to have your own mini call center the following 69 tips can serve as a roadmap to formalizing your process:

  • A. Pre-plan the journey and your commitment
    • Know that success is not instantaneous – create a realistic timeline
    • Write out clear goals and objectives that can be quantified
    • Budget time to manage the people and review their calls
    • Have a sales training and telesales development process – sink or swim results in drowning
    • Structure a productive calling environment. Desk space, computers, noise control, etc.
    • Have matrix to evaluate successes and what needs improving – Review it WEEKLY

  • B. Outsource or Do-it Yourself
    • Either way each of the planning and review steps must be done regularly
    • If your prospect list is small and communication personalized in house often best
    • If data must be reviewed or researched in house essential
    • In house if T.M. is a major and ongoing pillar of your sales process
    • If you are “fishing” for leads and possible prospects outsourcing might be a better fit
    • Outsource on short term projects, especially when short staffed or not properly trained

  • C. Know your market
    • Define your best prospect (the answer is NEVER everyone)
    • Recognize a qualified prospect has: the money, the need, and authority to say yes
    • Know the goal of the call – education, research, qualify need, appointment, sale, etc.
    • Build a good list to call – a quality prospect list is the foundation of your success
    • Figure out how to create that list – buying lists may be easy but often ineffective

  • D. Lead Follow-up
    • Define hot qualified leads
    • Have a process to move hot leads through sales channel quickly
    • Know the cost of waiting to follow up. Hot leads expire faster than a Facebook post
    • Make sure sales team following up promptly
    • Have process to measure EACH rep’s closing percentage on follow ups
    • Sometimes the telemarketing is effective but the sales team hinders the efforts

  • E. Building your team
    • Who is the Right person to manage the telemarketer(s)
    • Person with most experience in office may not have the skills to manage callers
    • List what skills needed to be effective on calling for YOUR SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE
    • Personality needed for customer service, appointments, and closing ARE DIFFERENT
    • Get people experienced on phone and like talking (sorry, many millennials don’t)

  • F. Avoid Turnover
    • Know many people make a career of telemarketing (your expectations matter)
    • Create an environment of recognition
    • Make sure team believes in value of what they promote
    • Pay people fairly plus additional incentives for success
    • Have a process to get the right people FOR PHONE WORK from the start

  • G. Training Telemarketers
    • Put the time into training your people
    • Have a formal training process
    • Have training include written procedures, visual education, auditory, and role play
    • Successful telemarketers pay for themselves 10X+ so invest in them
    • Know your sales numbers, dials, etc. (good people trained well offers a high R.O.I.)
    • Formalize the training process – consistency creates predictable results
    • Make sure the position is viewed as important rather than subordinate to sales role

  • H. Equipment Matters
    • Make sure the people have desks, chairs, and other needed resources
    • Sit stand desks pay for themselves – team more engaged when not always sitting
    • Learn about predictive dialers
    • Headset and hands free is mandatory
    • Consider cushioned floor mats to minimize fatigue
    • Software such as CRM system required, as well as other management tools

  • I. What to Say
    • Know the key point(s) that must be communicated
    • Know the stages of each call
    • Know the objective of each stage of the call
    • Know how to use a script as structured guide
    • Know how to bring a script to life
    • Recognize people sell, scripts don’t
    • Recognize customers need to be spoken to NOT read a script
    • Teach your people to engage the customer
    • Teach your people to get the customer to express their needs
    • Avoid limiting call length as one of the MAIN objectives
    • When customers talk they buy – when spoken at they don’t
    • The call needs to be long enough for the customer to move forward confidently

  • J. Prepare your people to succeed
    • They must practice the presentation
    • They need to be comfortable with your software and systems
    • They must plan out their presentation
    • They must have adequate product knowledge’
    • They must know how to qualify prospect
    • As well as how to move prospect through the sales process
    • How Recognize and act on buying signals
    • Be ethical, responsible, caring, etc.
    • Have realistic expectations on call volume, success ratios, etc.
    • How to be CONFIDENT

K. Make The process FUN and REWARDING
#1. Successful telemarketing can be a rewarding and fun way to increase sales, make a nice living, as well as contribute to all parties involved in the transaction. Following each of the above telemarketing tips will allow you to structure a program that gets a significant R.O.I. and is both fun and rewarding for everyone. Build a program you are proud to market, your people are proud to promote, and your customers gain value from being contacted.

Simply put: Build a program where all parties WIN

Mark Anthony has been structuring telemarketing program as well as in house training sessions for over 20 years. All programs are customized to both the needs of the client and the needs of the customer. For info on training programs or on how to apply any of the above tips to your sales process please call 212 683 1834 or

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