The Accountability Game: How Top Producers Get More Out of Each Day

Increase Sales Volume and Productivity

Whether it is in sales, sports, business growth, or any other individual high-performance objective it would seem obvious that a structured process would be at the core of one’s success. Interestingly, the real key to consistent growth is tapping into your personal drive to win.

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Everyone says they want more, that they want to excel faster, as well as climb higher. Many of those people make the effort to learn more and acquire skills to propel them forward. Unfortunately, they fail to realize that although they may be applying themselves, they are not pushing the comfort zone of their capacity.

Accountability to: increased productivity, goal achievement, and making it fun!

As a Certified High Performance Coach® I often ask clients, Who is up for my “Action Accountability Game"? I've found with most clients SUCCESS is not about learning and gathering more info, or getting just one more tool. INSTEAD it is about daily, weekly, consistent action taken at a high enough VOLUME that gets you to hit your goals. Most folks with the right info just need to take more action, in a larger quantity, each and every week.

As high performers, we must recognize how much time we have left in the year, quarter, or for meeting our deadline. So, if it is September, then there are only about 16 weeks of productivity left in the year. By jumping right in, and COMMITTING we can get the most out of those last 100 days of the year. As high performers, do we really want to have a reason/excuse to wait such as traveling, jet lag, catching up on something, etc.?

The ACCOUNTABILITY GAME was designed to help you play bigger and push yourself as well as your colleagues to accomplish more outside of individual comfort zones. The Accountability Game framework is as follows:

Step 1. Start of the week, you and your accountability partners listing several MUST TASKS (in a quantifiable way) that will move you toward what defines an important building block needed to attain your goals. I.e. saying, "I will write more" is vague, whereas saying, “I will write 5 articles, post 5 videos, and finish a first draft of website,” etc. is quantifiable.

Step 2. Each day, you report in on what you did specific to the action items relevant to completing your task listed per Step 1. Basically, you are in appropriate action or you are not, period. The daily report becomes motivating to each member of the accountability group - especially yourself as your fingers hit the keypad Step 3. Upon completion of the 7 days you either got all your “musts” done or you didn't! Over the last 20 years of coaching executives as well as individuals, I've found the reporting to others makes a huge difference. At end of the week, you can also show some sort of proof that you got it done if you want to really leverage “positive peer pressure”.
YES, I'm talking serious leverage to play bigger than before.

Step 4. Want EVEN MORE leverage? - On top of the daily awareness, and keeping up with your peers, there is an opportunity for extra leverage. Each individual has a financial ante too, i.e. $100 per week. The money pool gets split among those who did complete ALL their task(s). If $100 a week is not enough leverage, then make it $200 per week. Note: Dollar amount does not need to be equal since each participant’s resources vary, but I recommend a $100 minimum. This is about creating even more leverage for you. If you are afraid of the financial leverage, you are either being unrealistic about how much you are going to accomplish, OR you are not confident that you will be fully committed, don’t believe you will play all out, or get ALL commitments completed. On the POSITIVE SIDE, get all commitments met and you are REWARDED with the pleasure of getting it all done. If you DON’T get it ALL DONE, then just like unmet goals, there are consequences. Ideally, no member of the Accountability Group has a payout to the others because EVERYONE completed what they listed.

Step 5. Each week your group repeats the process with everyone’s next set of action items that are realistic for the week. Do that for 16 weeks (assuming a September end of year sprint) and your momentum will be redefined!!!
Result: A new way to build momentum, participate in a fun 100 day challenge, and enter the new year at full speed.

Accountability VS Fear

If any of the above sounds scary, or an excuse to not play in the game came up, then PLEASE utilize this coaching challenge. This will push you. If you are so confident you don't need some extra leverage and motivation, then PLEASE participate since you will fly even higher and be serving everyone else you participate with via your example.

Creating a “TOP PRODUCERS TEAM” or group is not just a fun goal. It is a community. The momentum of a tight group will make the time your “playing” 5X more productive than comparable time frames. You have learned the skills to put your foundation in place, now use leverage and accountability go build that skyscraper. This is your time to push those edges and play even BIGGER.
WARNING: The game will confront you and challenge you – That’s Great!

The “Pain of Perfection” may confront you. A common block people face during the coaching process is procrastination due to fearing something is not done perfectly or well enough. In the past, we may have failed to complete, or even start, tasks due to the “perfection paralysis”. The Fear of Failing in the game or losing out to our accountability partners, becomes MORE IMPERFECT than possibly performing a task imperfectly, thus we move forward.

The “Ugly Unknown” may also confront you. You may find you don’t know how to do something, and therefore you avoid it. The leverage of the game pushes you into action. Action leads to research, questions, and of course, answers which each PUSH ALL of US past our fears of: “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure of the outcome since it is not guaranteed”.

The “Fear of Failure” must also be confronted. Many people avoid taking action because they are afraid of trying, and then failing. The game’s leverage ensures success of at least completing your actions. You only are assured of failing if you don’t honor acting on your commitments. Thus, people in the Coaching Accountability Game break through that barrier.

The negative voices that confront us are replaced by an empowering mindset, one where you find yourself saying: What’s next? What else can I do? and Let’s get more done. The disempowering, “What ifs”, “maybe it isn’t right”, or “not good enough”, and so forth, are finally silenced.

Commitment to Accountability Has Numerous Benefits

Another FUN aspect of Mark Anthony’s Coaching Accountability Game is the process has you staying focused on your priority items. When you have your priorities clearly defined, as well as listed at the start of the week, you see progress, which is rewarding. You push to reach your objective as well as find yourself exceeding your benchmark milestones for the week, and that’s motivating. All that creates momentum, which keeps you moving forward. The game helps you preplan your weekly road map. For instance, it is Thursday or Friday and you have many “things” on your schedule, you are busy working productively, and could easily sail through the day working on a variety of tasks. The game requires you to stop and look at your Big 6 List of tasks, the Top 3, or the #1 MUST task, and recognize if they have been completed. That awareness helps you minimize the distractions and time wasters which would slow progress on your big needle movers.

Ending week on a high note. When you have achieved each of your accountability goals, you end the week on a high note which is the perfect mindset to view opportunities for the next week. Everyone has more on their to-do list than time, which means something on the list is not going to be done. That also means some things need to be CHOSEN as the priority over others. When you end the week knowing that you were so powerful in “controlling your sails” rather than just being directed by “the currents of circumstance,” it is highly empowering.

Many, if not most, big projects are made up of multiple smaller steps. As you make progress each week, you may find your accountability list will be made up of “next step items” from one of the prior weeks’ action lists. Perfect. Now you are progressing on a big projects consistently instead of procrastinating, forgetting, or ignoring it all together. You are developing the mindset and habit of a Top Producer.

Winners get more out of each day. Coaching and accountability teammates is part of each top producer’s strategy. Remember, we can raise ourselves by raising other higher too. AND ALWAYS FIND WAYS TO MAKE IT FUN.

Mark Anthony is an executive coach. He trains teams on sales and high-performance principles. With over 25 years of experience and a worldwide list of clients he guarantees productivity will thrive while making the process fun. For more info call 212-683-1834 or email

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